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Guestbook for HDR
In response to the response from the Althouse blog: I think you're right about manual HDR versus in-camera. The Nikons with in-camera HDR have a 2-shot, 1-stop exposure limit which is extremely limiting. As for which camera I chose, I went with the Canon t2i. I was deciding between the Nikon D7000, D5100, Canon 60D or t3i. The D7000 and 60D were awesome cameras, but the benefits of them over their lower-end siblings (wider, brigher viewfinders; faster burst modes; higher quality materials) weren't worth the extra cost. I would rather spend the $800-$1,000 difference on accessories! Then I chose the Canon because Nikon really crippled the D5100 versus last year's D5000: slower burst mode, removal of viewfinder grid overlay, quick access buttons to left of LCD were removed, etc. Then I realized the only difference between the t2i and t3i was the addition of HD video, which I never use! So I saved another $200 choosing the t2i.
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